The Bear

For me, the question came down to numbers. When you look at the numbers, the winner is obvious. A bear has four claws plus a mouth of dagger-like-teeth; A shark has only the mouth. Five versus one, it’s not even a fair fight. As I looked deeper into the bear I found its character supported my initial reaction. “Ursus Arctos Horribilis” The scientific name sums up the bear’s fierce strength and determination. But Ursus is also a fun loving creature- not too serious to ride a motorcycle at the circus. The black bear, grizzly, the Sun or the ancient cave bear all stoic and proud animals. Look at the numbers, they check out.

Currently I’m spending a year in South America learning about development. You can read more about that trip here. If you are ever interested in buying a work featured on the site, please contact me at barnheartATgmail…you know the rest.


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