Yeti Shred

November 30th, 1959:  The interest in an unidentified creature stalking the highlands of Nepal had reached a turning point and the US foreign service was to get involved. It started with the Himalayan people who believed in a "glacier being"- a wild man who lived in the mountains and blessed their hunts.  At the turn of the century explorer Laurence Waddell caught... Continue Reading →

Psychic Sasquatch

In 1847, far before Washington was admitted to the union, explorer, painter, and anthropologist Paul Kane described a race of hairy wild men living at the peak of Mt. St. Helens. They were known as the skoocoom. The indigenous people described them as supernatural and cannibalistic creatures. Childern were instructed to not say their name lest the nocturnal creatures would come to... Continue Reading →

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