The Sounds

"Travalance!" I was just waiting for someone to call out, yelling and pointing from somewhere high off the Navigators port side. Then we would hear the crashing of a thousand trees, being torn off the granite mountainsides. Long green strips falling from the sky. The event marking another skirmish in the endless battle between the trees... Continue Reading →

The Basics

Everyone starts somewhere. Depending on the hobby, that starting place can be pretty painful. Thankfully, for us, the starting point is more delicious than painful. Welcome to distillation for the novice. The things you need to start distilling: A Pot Still- Ours is an Alembics 10L. They are handmade in Portugal A condensor- this comes... Continue Reading →

Our Journey Into Home Distillation

The heat was on low but I was still convinced it was going to explode. The three of us stood nervously around the pot still, anxiously watching the temperature rise. We'd all grown up equally indoctrinated to the American horror stories of distillation. Images of toothless moonshiners, dressed in confederate civil war garb, standing  blind around a shaky cauldron. With each hiss of... Continue Reading →

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