Cave Explorer


This last month took Shelby and I into the Ape Caves of Southwest Washington. Traveling through the lava tubes is always a surreal experience. The tube shape, solitude, spontaneous gusts of wind, and rock scrambles all add to the mystery. It really does feel like being in a ruined subway tunnel from the Cretaceous era. Other caves have bigger formations, but the Ape Caves are a solid adventure.

The week after, that trip inspired a cave themed mini water color. We stuffed the painting in to an old wallet with some other ephemera including poems from a 1952 yearbook and bunch of cat stuff. We left the wallet on the ground while we tried to eat some tasty poke on Hawthorne. Oh man, the suspense of waiting to see which person would pick up our art wallet made it hard to focus on my Ahi bowl.

Cave Painting.jpg

Eventually, a nice stranger picked it up and asked if it was ours. We quickly shook our heads and avoided eye contact. Even though they didn’t look inside (they turned it straight in to the restaurant) I’m crossing my fingers somebody is eventually going to find our prizes. There was a copy of Ultimate Summer #4 in there, so remember, it’s not too late to send in your submissions.

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