New Zines for Fall

Things have been busy lately, it’s just been happening off-line. I’m sorry to leave you in the dark internet friends, but you really should get on the Bear and Shark mailing list. My gmail is barnheart, so send me your address and I’ll mail you stuff when it’s released. Here’s a few new projects!

Ultimate Summer 3: Ultimate Summer Reading Program. If you completed the challenge, you got a sneaky book safe prize.

Ultimate Summer 1.JPG

Ultimate Summer 2.JPG

Lichen Layers Issue Two: I’m very proud of this colab with Kelsey Harte- her cover rules!Lichen Layers 3.JPG

Lichen Layers 2.jpg
Sneak peak of issue two

After School Snack #1: All my buddies added something to this issue which looked at connections to people. Number two is in the works and looking at connections to objects. Chris made this killer cover.


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