Skate or Try


I knocked apart a few teeth last week skateboarding. It got me thinking back to about five years ago. My skating isn’t much more impressive now then back when my brother and I  first learned to drop in on our DIY ramp. However, I do have something to show for those five years. There’s the bad days turned into good days. The good days turned unforgettable and inspirational. Skating has taken us to towns we never would have found and mountains we didn’t expect. I can’t count how many random connections I’ve made or amazing friendships I’ve cemented through my skateboard.

What would I have done five years ago if I had to chose between all this and my front teeth? I probably would have chosen to keep the teeth because I can be a coward sometimes. I’m glad I didn’t have to make any choices. I’m glad life just gives you what you get and you make sense of it any way you know how.

Big Smile.jpg
I’ll take the madness

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