The Seedlings

It could have started the night we slept under the stars, on top of buried fire rocks and someone woke up to the smell of their sleeping bag melting to their newly hair free leg.

It could have been a misconstrued conversation through snorkels, where one person was saying “hey look at that fish” and the other person heard “lets go to Hawaii in 2015”.   In all actuality, it probably happened around couple bottles of wine or around a giant late night puttanesca pie.

After 5 years, it is easy to forget how this plan got planted.  In any case, the origin lays buried somewhere in 2010, back when we all looked like 22 year-old babies, and someone said “Lets make this hawaii 2015 thing happen”, with loud enough voice for the group of 7 to agree.

So in 2015 we found ourselves proud and amongst friends, sitting under a “partially-cloudy-but-mostly-sunny-because-life-is-all-about-how-you-look-at-it” Hawaiian sunset, wearing hawaiian shirts and drinking fruity things. From where I was sitting life was looking pretty good.

Like that summer in 2010, our trip passed way too fast. The rocks, the surf, the wind, the flora, the fauna, late nights and week long (perhaps life long) drastic diet changes.

As always, I was tempted, to laiden myself under all the different types of cameras: phone camera, camera camera, video camera, mini video camera and micro camera, just to capture it all. I settled for a small notebook and my poor handwriting.

Thankful for other people’s incredible pictures, I found the most important thing written in that book is: “Whatever happens make sure you make the best of a melted sleeping bag” and a group of motivated travelers.

The story’s that came where many, some I’ll try to recount in later posts.


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