The Guy With Two Rocks

That feeling you get when your bus slips by. I slowed my peddling, and the rain seemed to follow suit. Not today. Not now. Screw it.

I ran the red, and pedaled as fast as my single cog would take me toward the tail end of that giant white slug. My resolve increased with each time it would slow, pick someone up and then take off again. It took twenty blocks but I caught it. It was looking like I was going to have a bad day, which made it easier to relate to Sadisdik, the rainy day Seattle based rapper. His tunes came as suggested by Jay for the Your Record-My Commute Project. In a weird way they became the perfect backdrop for the rest of my commute.

A guy at the back of the bus spiraling into ever darker obscenities to a man that obviously doens’t share the gross sentiments about his ex-girlfriend, or even know him for that matter. I doubt there even is a girl, as the guy just gets louder with each shocking unrealistic thing he says. Then he starts talking about how hes on drugs and on the edge, which I take as a cue to not get involved, despite the presence of kids and old ladies on the bus.

Glad to get off the bus, I ride past a man carrying two rocks. One large and one small. He seems intent on discovering the merits of each, not really looking up to see my puzzled look as I pass him.

Lastly, a long bearded bum, maybe hobo is a better description, slowly passed by under the toil of his shopping cart wagon. He gave me a black tooth smile and a nod. He got it. Under the rainy day literary raps and trap inspired beats, it made me smile. I still cant figure out what the guy with the rocks was up to.

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