Sell Your Boats- Not your Pictures


I recently heard a good theory explaining why it is so damn hard to get rid of stuff.

Purging an item can equal the death of the dream for what that item represents. We purchase that canoe for gliding along picturesque lakes on weekend long, off-the-grid camping trips. Its no news flash that reality is much harder than that, and at very least its a hassle to get a 14 foot boat around. That boat sitting there in the garage rafters then becomes a monument to how that whole lake dream thing never happened and each day it sits up there is another day its not going to happen.

Sometimes, I get a similar feeling with photography. I long for homemade photo showings along side the local analogue geeks I respect. A place, probably a dark dank basement, where prints can be held and traded like childhood baseball cards. The reality is large prints are expensive and making frames takes time. So rather than watch my photos sit in my preverbal garage rafters, Ive decided to post some of the ones I like. And maybe, if this winter is dreadful and dark, I may even get to putting that show together.

(None of these pictures are edited or filtered- Just raw from the film print)

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