Analogue Soapbox

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I used to have a soapbox I would stand on and preach the the virtues of analogue film in a digital age.120mm and 35mm, I had few (if any) converts in this world of filters and easy effects.

9 rolls of film went into Citizen photo in Southeast and only 5 made it out alive. It was at this point all that proselytizing  came back to haunt me. 3 years worth of shots, and I managed to not ruin just over half. A less than desirable outcome. “There’s something romantic about film that doesn’t get developed” Said my brother. Yeah right, all I could feel was a stupid shame for not lugging all that gear around, only to end up with long blank strips of oversized film.

I let the wounds heal before I cracked the box open and got served a little life lesson. I found that my form of hobby photography, just like any other form of slacker art, doesn’t usually end the way it starts. The camera gives us the illusion of control, aperture, frame and focus but the end result is a crap shoot. The shots you thought would be amazing rarely are, and the off the cuff stuff turns out fine. Dealing with the disappointment is balanced out by being pleasantly surprised but one doesn’t come without the other. Ups and downs, strikes and gutters. I think I’ll keep to the memory cards for a little bit.  Here are some of the gutters.

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