Pick’n and Grin’n


Its hotter than Armageddon and Im sweating like a gypsy with a mortgage.

Eddie and I look like we’re trying to land 747’s out in the parking field. Rows of cars with license plates from Texas, Montana, BC and Ontario are our unsuspecting, and probably surprised audience. Our orange flags wave with a blatant disregard for social norms or traditional flag waver behavior. This is no simple affair. This is Pickathon, and we are parking crew. This is serious.

Sitting around our little campground, we reminisce with our newest old friends about how magical everything is. The forest, the people, bands, beer and trees, the whole thing is enough to restore ones hope in humanity. Yes, it is that good. Its a place where kids sit on the side of the trail, unsupervised, and offer to draw your portrait for $2:


“I excelled on this one.” Said Charlie and he was so right, although Im unsure of Linzay’s garden trow. Everything excelled.


Shaky Graves playing the Drac-taur or Count Axeula. Two years ago a friend from Sweden sent me a Bandcamp link to his Roll the Bones album. At the majestic woods stage, I bootlegged his cover of Kiss the Girl, which was so silly it was awesome. This one is for Nat. To hear past B&S coverage of Pickathon Bootlegs (2011)- Click Here.

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