Street Art-Melbourne


Melbourne’s artistic scene is about as secret as Flight of the Concords and the word “hipster”. It is Australia’s giant magnet of arty talent. Assies know it and the rest of the world is catching on, which is evident by “melbourne” popping up on shopping bags for brands I cant afford or have never heard of.

Theres something I love about wondering a new city, totally lost, but able to recognize different street artists.Something about seeing artist that inspire me as much as Twoone, rone and markatron. Its like being at a random house show and suddenly seeing your favorite bands play. Melbourne is the perfect setting for this kind of spectacular wondering.

I first spyed some of these artist way back when I lived in Sydeny at the Semi-Permanent Outpost festival. Rone is also a favorite on this blog, mostly because he painted the only cool wall in Queenstown. Melbourne is Rones home turf and the cooler side streets bear his handy work.

Rone Never Enough


I can never do the work justice but there is something about catching these works on 35mm makes it feel like taking a canvas home for free, which is the whole point of street art. The gallery is always open and free to bums.

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