Feet on the ground. Head in the sky.

Plane. Boat. Automobile. Queenstown. Wellington. Melbourne. Nadi. San Fran. Portland. Vancouver. Pentiction (Canada). Spokane. Portland.

18,885 km in 4 weeks.5k driving, 109 on a boat and a lot of time on big planes. 

This wasn’t jet lag, but an entirely different illness. The symptoms caused by two weeks worth climate change, daylight variance, being lost, accents, road side swaps and re-acculturation.It all took its toll, as I became a coffee deprived brain-dead zombie, wondering around my garage like a forgetful gold fish in tiny bowl. 

My body was in shock but knew it was back in Portland. My limbs manage to figure it out a week later, half-way through a mini-bike ride to a $1 comic book swap at the local Eagles Lodge. My stomach caught on only after we picked 5 gallons of Blueberry’s. Ears got on the band wagon at PDX Pop Now Music Fest. Strangely, It wasn’t until today, under that familiar grey blanket of Oregon overcast, that I realized just how much happened in the last 6 weeks.

Stories will follow, but for right now this brief gallery will have to do. I’ve got more coffee to drink and an ancient lop sided garage to finish remodeling.

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