This weeks marks 3 years of Bear and Shark Adventures!

As of today, B&S has been read in 116 countries, which totally discounts our previous theory that only our mom was reading it. It is fitting that the start of this blog coincides almost perfectly with the end of our New Zealand Adventure. After 3 years in this amazing place, its time to leave and we are throwing a party. Its gonna go down something like this:

-If you are reading this than you are invited but you gotta dress up nice (whatever that means for you).

-Tuesday, June 3rd from 7-Late

-Location is secret but Im sure you can find it.

-This party will feature handmade art by The Weather & Co.

-If you feel inclined bring some cash to purchase art. All proceeds go back into funding this site and future projects.

-The front door may or may not be disguised. Dont be Fooled.

We hope to see you there.

Origin:Fall 2012 [Weather&Co.]:The 3 of us stood around our secret hideout like a sullen group of rejected super hero’s. In the background our magical copper machine would drip steadily, each drop in the bucket representing a million hours work. Outside the sky would drip, each drop reminding us why it was better to be inside making things, than outside in the summer air playing like little kids.

We would chat, pace, theorize and argue to pass the time. “What do we even call this?” was posed between eye rolls and shoulder shrugs.  Like all good things, the answer was immediate. Well, we only do it when the weather is bad and theres more than one of us. Weather and Co. was born.

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