The List

Days traveled: 365

Kilometers traveled (not including airplanes): 13,741

Kilometers kayaked: 14

Money Spent: 6,250 USD

Empanadas consumed: 27

Trees Climbed: 5

Things I’ll miss: Markets, Patagonia, exotic fruits, South America friends and family

Things I’m glad to have again: Bikes, live music, skateboarding, Portland friends and family

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Those of you following my trip stats might notice I tripled by kilometer count in the last month of travel. That can be attributed to a mad rush into patagonia inspired by stories of a marble cavern. I found it after one plane ride, a 6 hour bus, and 14 miles kayaking along the second biggest lake in South America. Along the way, I tracked down the ghost ship of Chiloe, ate too many empanadas (and also completos with a “rain of potatoes”), found desolate beaches, and hiked through craggy mountains. Finally, I took a three day, 4,400 km bus ride to Lima to catch a flight back home. I survived thanks only to a jar of peanut butter, apples I picked from an abandoned orchard, and the 800 page copy of Game of Thrones I found at a book exchange.

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