Fruit Review Omnibus


“Gross! Who’s moldy apple is this in the fridge?!” I almost got my membrillo thrown out over a misunderstanding about the thick hair covering the apple like fruit. It took a trip to wikipedia to convince them that the hair is not, in fact, mold, but natural to the fruit. Wikipedia also informed us it’s usually not eaten raw but boiled and and mashed and made into a gummy snack. That was too much trouble, so I boiled it into an apple pancake mix. Ok, not the craziest fruit, it really tasted like apple pancakes.

Lemon Tomato

I picked this guy up when I was deep into a homemade salsa binge. I found a cheep wafer cracker that tasted like pita chips, bought a huge sprig of cilantro  and got crazy. Mango Picante, Pico de Gallo, and then I heard about this South American fruit that tastes like a lemon and a tomato. Chopped it up with onion, cilantro, Salt and Pepper.  The salsa was bright, sour, and spicy all at the same time. The lemon tomato stayed firm, but added a nice juice. I think it would be great in stir frys or Pad Tahi.



It looks like a dinosaur egg and tastes like traveling through time, pulling off bits of the wormhole, greedily stuffing them into your mouth and spitting out the black singularities. When you finally arrive in Cretaceous Era, you don’t care if you’ll ever return; your fossil will still have a smile on it’s face. I could tell you what this fruit tastes like (Mark Twain said it was the most delicious thing known to mankind), but you don’t taste Cherimoya, you experience it.

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