Nacho Pikachu

“Let’s do this Inka style” Conner from Ireland hands me a bag of coca leaves. It’s 5am, it’s lightly raining, the gates just opened, the sun hasn’t risen, and there are about 2,000 stone steps between us and Machu Picchu. My tour mates opted to sleep in and take the bus. A pretty good idea considering we’ve walked about 20 miles in the last two days. However, taking the bus isn’t Inka style. I put the wad of leaves in my mouth and started to climb.

Sunrise-ish during the jungle climb
Sunrise-ish during the jungle climb

I’m happy to report that the ruins live up to all the hype that surround them. Get this, 75% of the buildings are original construction and geologists estimate the city could survive a 10.0 earthquake. For the record, the biggest earthquake ever recorded in history was 9.5. Ok, I could go on and on, but I think these pictures are better.

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