Epic Asking

miniramp mountian

Im going to need a helicopter, a boat full of party people, a mini ramp, a sound system, a couple of skateboarders and a barbecue.

On any day this sounds like a steep request and today wasn’t any different, at least for normal people, in a more normal places. But James isn’t a normal dude, hes more like a celebrity chef of skateboard mischief. His recipe list for this project would have a culinary parallel to asking for; 4 rare birds, an unnamed plant root and some sort of desert mushroom.

At some point everyones eyes rolled as if to say “only in Queenstown”, a sequestered little place where these crazy ideas have a chance. Even Heli’s are in somewhat high supply, since the Kiwi’s of this valley are known for using helicopters the way New Yorkers use taxi cabs.

“Well, we can get you one hell of a barbecue…. If we can come.” Gary and I made the commitment all too easily.

The goal wasn’t complicated: to get a skateboard mini ramp to the top of a mountain ledge. The whole thing was for the Los Angeles Skateboard Film Festival, in a special Go-Pro category. For that reason, it all had to stay top secret, hence why I had to wait a year to write about it.

Our personal goal was a little less pure, we just wanted to have a backcountry skate party, which is ironic because I cant really thing of anything further away from the LA skate scene. So we cooked up some dawgs, rolled some wheels, hiked tussock, hit some golf balls and tried not fall off the cliff.

While I was perched at my cooking station, hair firmly parted to the side, apron done up tight , high above the teal lake, I was struck with one of the biggest realizations of my travels- It never, ever hurts to ask. Even for crazy things. Scratch that, I would say ask specifically for crazy things. After all “just asking” could very well put you on top of a mountain, cooking hot dogs and skateboarding.

Since the video isn’t officially out, and Im not sure when it will be. I may be adding some more pictures/ footage at a later time.

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