Fruit Review-Star Apple


Im no sexpert, but if a plum had sex with a Custard Apple , the offspring would look something like a Star Apple. It was a 50-50 choice, naturally I botched the cut and by doing so obscured the sexy natural star hidden in the fruit’s center, making it look more like a “greasy-seed-apple”, but hey this isn’t a “fruit cutting review”, this is outlet of unabashed criticism of the dishes mother nature serves up on the daily.


Vanuatu saturated in overwhelming color, so much so that its hard to do it justice with a camera. If anything, the Starapple is a little incognito for the market scene. No spikes. No stripes. Just a dark purple.


“How do I pick a good one?” the big brightly dressed lady behind the counter laughed, and raised her eyebrows with a shrug, as if to say, they’re all the same. She grabbed on of the top and I paid 40 or so Vatu, about 70 cents.


The inside was soft, with a nearly velvety texture, especially closer to the skin. It had large symmetrically placed seeds , in what I assume would make up the part of the sweet “star” design, when the apple is cut horizontally. Next time I see this bad boy, I think it would be best if it where in a smoothy on a hot day, other than that, I dont really care if we part ways. Perhaps its because I wasn’t seduced by that sexy inner star design. Maybe it was the fact I usually dont like eating thing that are the color of cartoon characters. Either way, I think I’ll stay to normal apples or stars. Cant go wrong there.

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