Trash Monsters


“Dude, doesn’t he realize that no one shoots in 35mm. Get real man!”

Dean was right, this hermit crab was behind on the times, but he wasn’t to far from the rest of antiquated Vanuatu. His home was unique- a piece of trash from a bygone era. A film canisters, so far lost to the annuals of time, that I think its hard to realize just how big this hermit crab is, in comparison to his home. He is huge.

I cant help but think that someday he’ll be living inside of a i-pad/gopro/ whatever else is cool now, but will become junk in the all-too-shot time frame of tech popularity. How much scarier would the world be if all our trash housed monsters?

Eventually, we lost sight of the beast, said our goodbyes to Dean and Margret, and walked through the small forest back to our little bungalow.

We took very big steps. “Dont trust the shells.” Someone said.

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