Fruit Review: Tuna

Tuna Fruit
There are also yellow and orange varieties.

Ow! The fuschia colored ball gave me an unexpected stab of pain. Looking closer, I saw several tiny spines poking out of my skin. Noticing the little barbs scattered across the fruit, I put it back in the bag. This fruit was not be messed with, and it wanted me to know that right away.

I had picked up the fruit based on color alone. Wandering through the dense market in Nazca, I spotted gushing reds and yellows coming from a small stall that would be easy to miss. It was past the giant gourds, before the chickens, but close enough to the center that you can still smell the fish.

Wine colored insides
Wine colored insides hide hard seeds. I heard different varieties have different sized seeds but all are edible.

Once I got it back to my room I carefully started to take it apart with a fork and knife. Sometimes exotic fruits are flashy on the outside but mild on the inside with little flavor. Tuna didn’t disappoint. my plate quickly looked like a scene from CSI and the sweet, soft flesh was delicious. Strawberry Cantalope was the best match I could think of, but, the sweetness and mild tartness would have made a nice cranberry substitute during our expat Thanksgiving this week.

Tuna 3
The spines took me a while to get out, but I got my revenge.

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