My Kid Could Do That

It’s a classic pot shot at modern art. “Those paintings at the museum look like something my preschooler did” I guess the scoff is that the high prices and prestige commanded by certain pieces is unwarranted. A few online quizzes even compare modern art to toddler art. Most people can’t tell the difference. Does that prove that little skill is required to make modern art? I’m taking a different perspective. Maybe these kids are just talented? Maybe we should collaborate?

“Ok, I’ll draw and you color, than we’ll switch” I let Elder decide we’re going to do a plane, a tree and flowers. When he suggested we add guns and missiles to the plane, I convinced him to make them water guns for watering all the plants.

For the preschool art class I made a coloring page of Simon Bolivar skateboarding with Tony Alva. Justy was quick to choose it over a few Christmas sheets and did a really good job.

Alva and Simon Alva and Simon 2 workstation

I’m not sure if there’s a lesson here, but at some age, kids start to stop making stuff. They start to get ashamed of creating things. “Don’t make fun of other people’s drawings” isn’t even a rule in the preschool art class but it’s the one that I have to enforce most in the older classes. So my response to the arm chair critics who say “my kid could make that” is “yeah they can. And you could probably also make something cool if you tried.”


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