Grow your own culture

IMG_4729My last public arts and crafts mission in South America almost ended in disaster, so I didn’t plan on making posters in Huaraz. But then I met Sergio from the Czech Republic and his little bird stencils inspired me again. Get in on the fun below.

Quick and Easy Long and Convoluted Wheatpaste recipe

1. Get a little bummed out. It’s ok, you’ll feel better in a sec.

2. Put on some Jawbreaker. 24 Hour Revenge Therapy is a good one but Unfun also works.

3. Get a box of Soymilk.

4. Paint a picture. Drink the soymilk. Take your time. Make it good. I bet you already feel a little bit better.

5. Take 1 part flour and mix it up with 4 parts water in a pot you don’t care too much about. Heat it up on a stove just until it’s about to boil (Don’t let it boil!) Let it cool down a bit.

6. Your album is probably over by now, so try out the new RVIVR album. It rips!

7. Cut the (now empty) soymilk box 3/4 of the way open so it looks like an open mouth.

8. Pour your wheatpaste into your new secret soymilk carrying container.

9. Go downtown, smear the paste on an abandoned wall (no houses, local business, churches, etc. pick a spot that won’t bum anyone out) and stick that poster on there.

10. It’s probably gonna get destroyed fast but you’re not bummed out anymore right?

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