I tried to count the space in a million yellow dashed lines

days: 140

Kilometers traveled (not including planes): 4,422

highest elevation: 14,600 feet at Laguna Churup

English lessons taught: 32

Longest hand-stand: 6 seconds

Music I regret not bringing with me: Defiance Ohio, old Black Keys, and The Sword

Hostel dinner parties: 3.5

cheapest meal: $1.60 US dollars

Loperamide Hydrocholoride tablets used: 9

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A quick round up of the last few months: Teaching, moving, painting, learning Spanish, learning Quechua, learning knots, meeting cooks, kids, doctors (don’t worry-the PHd in string theory kind, not the illness kind), climbers, and friends. Eating veggies, drinking coffee. reading about the world, and talking about which hike to do this weekend.

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