Street Art-Dunedin

Its been a month of paste ups. Too many to count. Posters, signs and 1930’s encyclopedias, I found myself doing almost as much reading as brushing. I got a kick out of reading  the old volumes of pre-internet information. Interesting articles like, At Home Urine Color Test (I passed), Example of a Beautiful Woman (waaayy different than now), All the Uses of Chamomile, and How to (casually) Build a Wheel Burrow. It seems these dusty bound books contained all the relevant information to successfully participate in the “off the grid” scene that has become so sought after as of late. The diet info was particularly interesting, and by interesting I mean really simple. Anyway, this isn’t about potatoes, this about art.

Its seems I was elbow deep in glue for most of the two weeks leading up to the opening of our new bar The Find. Luckily, we snuck a quick road trip in to hunt and gather some valuable bar antiques, which required a jaunt to the somewhat, nearly thriving, almost metropolis of Dunedin. Being the student capitol of the South Island, I wasn’t too surprised to find some cool art lurking around. But this piece pretty much blew me away:

It was at the end of a particularly uninteresting alley, next to a second hand store that smelled like cat pee and dust. I especially like that they sprayed on corrugated metal. The style is particularly interesting, seeming to avoid so many spray paint cliches, while maintaining a sort of “gallery-esq” vibe to it. Its no surprise that it seems to be a collaboration.  I shot it with a color filter on my camera to try to get closer to the real color pop that was used.

authors skulls tankgirl

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