For anyone who knows Eddie the bear, you would understand how awkward it was to get an email with a pile of unspecified attachments, labeled “Booby Pictures”.  The old cliche is that “traveling changes you”, but the day Eddie starts sending me pictures of breasts that he took along the beach in Equador…

Anyway, Eddie has limited access to the internet so I thought I would post these pictures for him. My original plan was to accompany the pictures with a fictional narrative about how Eddie came to spend a day on an island with these slick sea foul, but Im juggling a couple of projects right now, so I’l let him tell the story when he gets the chance.

IMG_4200.resized bluebooby.resized

I know what you’re thinking…”there has been way, way too many birds on B&S lately…” You would be correct, normally we curate only 3 types of things- art, travel & bone crunching radness. So I guess  its safe to say we can now include a mid-20’s appreciation of bird watching. Adventure takes many forms, so just to keep it street, I’ll leave you with a picture that also arrived in this same mysterious, and poorly labeled email. Heres something He found hiding in his pants.


UPDATE: Ed here, just wanted to fill in the story. The blue-footed boobies are really not much of a story. We just took a tour to the Isla de Plata with my volunteer friends. It was fun, saw whales and junk too, but pretty much just a tour, not a story. The scorpion however, oh man. We had just moved into this old house that had abandoned (at least by humans) for a few months. I had already found some giant spiders in the shelves but this was different. I was literally zipping up my shorts when I felt something wiggle in my hand. I threw it down and found this bad boy. Scary, yes. But also stoked to find a cool bug. I never knew scorpions naturally looked this tough, with their tail all arched and pincers spread wide. It seriously looks like something tattooed on the neck of someone on 122nd and Powell.

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