Measured my days, metered my years

Days: 37

Kilometers traveled (not including airplanes): 2,827

Longest bus ride: 22 hours

Movies watched on buses: 8

Best bus movie: Tony Jaa double feature (Ong Bak: las gurreas y la protectora)

Worst bus movie: El Duende (The Leprechaun)

Cities visited: 11

wingspan of biggest bug: aprox. 5 inches

Arepas consumed: 17

Couches surfed: 2

Taxidermy challenges in the Popayan Natural History Museum: at least 2

The Colombian cocaine trade has been effecting the squirrels


Statistics are cool right?! right. I know this is kind of a lazy post but it’s the best way I can sum up the last few weeks of traveling. Honestly, I’m pretty ready to find a place to settle down for a bit. How about teaching English at public schools in Puerto Lopez, Ecuador? Sounds good! I’ll be joining the Cafe de Lenguas y Cultura next Monday for a 1-3 month position. I know some of you that read B&S have done this kind of thing, so I’d be stoked to hear any of your ideas. I’ll leave you with a few more pictures.

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