Fruit Review: Granadilla

IMG_3766I just read a book on fruit at the Medellin botanical garden and tried to remember names of the cool looking ones. But all that info goes out the door once you’re on the street and vendors are shouting the virtues of their produce through loudspeakers on their home made carts. We picked up an egg shaped specimen at a bustling market called La Vacita. It was golden in color and felt like plastic. “Es Dulce?” I asked the older lady sorting through avocados  “very sweet” She replied. That was enough to convince me.

Back at our hostel, the French owner cracked it open for us. I was shocked to find our golden egg was filled with what looked like tadpoles. Tropical fruit is always full of surprises but this one seemed dark and strange. It was like a Kinder Egg from a Guillemo del Toro movie. The gel covered seeds tasted like lychee but not quite as tart. They had a satisfying crunch but I couldn’t help but think I was eating frog babies. Delicious, sweet, gel covered babies.

UPDATE: like a sucker I got the name of this fruit wrong, it’s not Maracuya but Granadilla. I learned this when I was hitchiking back down from a hike in Banos de Agua Santa in Ecuador. A farmer picked me up and was excited to chat and share some of his work with me. I ended up getting a ride in the wrong direction and had to hike back. But, it was worth it to meet my new amigo, Edger and for the bag full of sweet Granadillas.

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