Springtime in Japan

I know, I know. Japan is supposed to be all bottomless pow, tree runs, and pillow lines. Japow right? I’ve seen that side of this island. Last week it was puking light dry snow, direct from Siberia. But it stopped snowing three days ago. The sun is out, cooking snow like yesterdays breakfast.

The true believers are out there. They’re hiking the skyline ridge, splitboards and swallow tails in tow. Rumors are spread in the gondola; “go up the ridge, down the chute. If you hit it before noon there’s untouched patches, still light as last week!” I understand their optimism, nothing quite beats face shots in Japan, but you can count me among the doubters.

I’ve gone the other direction. I’m lapping the mini park. I’m trading my gore-tex for the Asics “Crystal Power” series, circa ’92. I’m exploring Yamabiko chair for natural hits. Today it paid off. It was like being in Inception with Jessie Burtner and Travis Parker, but instead of making mazes we’re dreaming up gullies full of stumps, bumps, jibs, and bonks. Imagine the Boneyard at Timberline, but three of them lined up like a triple barrel shotgun of fun. There’s a 10 foot wall of slush, rhythm lines, and a vert lip begging for backflip attempts. Don’t worry mum, the snow’s so mushy even a direct hit to the neck would result in nothing more then slush down the back.

The only thing missing was a crew to ride with. Fortunately I’ve meticulously edited the photos in Microsoft Paint to add shredders. Can you spot the real from the fake? Also here’s some updates from the Japan Journal.

ultra wave
Can you conquer the ultra wave?
backside 7
F/S 540 tindygrab
Backside Eggplant

shameless selfie

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