Earthquake & Shred

I awoke to the sound of a harsh alarm buzz. If this was morning , than it had come way too soon and it was time for snowboarding. If it wasnt morning than something was wrong. 

Luke, my friend and host, bust through the door, heading straight for the awful sound. Barely awake, I asked him what the alarm was for, he started to explain Japan’s method for earthquake early warnings, by then the room was shaking. Eddie and I sat up in bed, as I felt the slow roll grab hold of the room. The hanging light in the center began a pendulum routine, spilling light into awkward directions.

It stopped silently and unannounced. Leaving the three of us to stare at each other  wondering what was next. At this point, I closed my eyes and fell back to sleep. I slept far too easily.

We awoke like men. Without a need for basic morning “essentials”. We shunned the use of soap and toothbrushes. Breakfast was a riceball from the convince store on the way to the hill. Luke showed us around, as we tried to find sections of mountain that hadn’t caught the Australian rash. It proved harder than we expected. All too soon the temperature took its toll, along with the crust of ice  that lived below the snow. Soon, the Onsen call sounded too good to stay and just good enough to leave. It was still snowing, and there is always tomorrow.

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