DADDS- Day After Dooms Day Brandy

We had survived. Yesterday, was the end of the world.

I almost felt sorry for those who had decided to bet against the odds, choosing to gamble the big win for Team Apocolypse. I didnt have time to think about silly things like building bunkers and stockpiling guns. Today was for making brandy.

It was our first run with the still and I was a little bit nervous  Looking back, it was nearly over a month ago that we ran the DADDS Brandy, but I wanted to make sure it turned out alright. We decided to age it three weeks before experiencing the full flavor. We aged 2/3rd with charred oak, which where previously used in aging whisky. The remaining 1/3rd we sat with organic de-pitted cherries. We then combined the two and let it sit another two weeks. We distilled our own water to cut it back to a drinkable percentage.

Being our first run we decided to use box wine, as it already had alcohol to extract. Obviously, the goal is to be fermenting our own mashes, which we do in future projects. The video description has more technical details.

D is for DADDS BRANDY from Christopher Barnhart on Vimeo.

Next Month: Recycling old beer to make new spirits. 

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