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I am more than happy to announce that Bear & Shark has partnered with Alembics Copper Stills to start a brand new DIY project. This summer we will be adventuring into the world of home craft spirit production, which is a fancy way of saying we will be producing our own liquor. New Zealand is one of the few countries that allow home distillation, as long as it isn’t for profit or distribution.

Currently, the mainstream liquor industry is fixed in a cycle of mass production, which is remarkably unregulated, leaving companies to use synthetic coloring  and artificial flavors to shape our concept of alcohol. As you’ve probably noticed, none of this information makes it onto the bottle. All too often the process requires the product to be “cut back” from something nasty and gross, like near pure ethanol, to something “drinkable” (or not still drinkable if you stick to the bottom shelf). Ever wondered why some wine bottles say “processed using fish”? Liquor bottles usually divulge even less.

Like us, Alembics focuses on an alternative, one which involves using ancient methods and organic fruits to produce real handcrafted spirits. We will be consulting various local experts, home-brewers, moonshiners and the vast knowledge of the internet masses. Adventure takes many forms, this time, it takes the shape of a bottle.

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