Travel Manifesto- Japan

” J-plans to get J-Pow in Japan.” That is how it was explained to me. It wasn’t literature, in fact, it was just one step up from texting, but to me, it could be the greatest pseudo-sentence ever written.

It came from my brother in Portland, who also happens to be my very agreeable alter-ego and co-author of this blog. Its strange how it happens, from there the plans started to buzz like bees in a can. The flurries of text covering chats, skypes and emails. Like any good snow storm, it started to multiply and it brought our friends outside. We started to get in contact with more buddies who where interested in making a pilgrimage that is usually reserved for young pow hungry Australians and professionals from North America.

I looked at my powder board, left unridden for this last season, starting to collect dust. I looked at my stack of things to do, the vast table top of unfinished edits, applications, visas and misery.

Then I picked up the phone and called my new boss, I hadn’t even started work yet, “Im going to need 2 weeks to go to Japan in February.” I told him.

“Only two, no way, take three!” He understands.

It is all coming together.

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