Fruit Lab-Purple Cauliflower

I wans’t quite sure what I was looking at but I know it didn’t register as Cauliflower in my brain. Linzay was struggling to hold the purple ball with one hand, I could see her breath clearly in the freezer room.

“How’d they do that?” she said, white puffs following each word from her mouth.

In an era of food dyes and synthetic everything, including colors, It isnt too often that I am socked by the color of the things I see on display. This was different, the small sign said it occurred naturally by the plants absorption of anti-oxidants found in soil, the same ones that make wine red. Some call it Graffiti Cauliflower, suggesting it as the underground political art hero of the vegetable community.

For dinner we roasted it, choosing to pair with red wine, beets, pumpkin and a breaded Hoaki fillet. I found it tasted sweeter earthier, and generally better than the “normal” stuff. It was good enough that I  contemplated switching to a diet based only on color and I suspect it could catch on.

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