Rethink, Redesign, Repurpose

I’ve been thinking about urban space lately, how it’s used and misused. For example, take a look at the junk mail box. You’ve probably seen them next to legitimate newspaper stands. At their best, they are a platform for more ad space. More often then not, they’re abandoned and filled with all kinds of surprises.

The original inhabitants: Four Loco, 7-11 Chicken Salad, and needles

It doesn’t have to be this way. What else could that display contain? Maybe a diorama teaching about affordable housing, community development, and activism? Sure why not.

Kearny Street Workshop started at the I-hotel and still exists today. It is one of the oldest arts non-profits addressing asian pacific issues.

Close up of text

Original International Hotel. Photo: Jerry Jew, Manilatown Heritage Foundation

The text comes from the JustSeeds artist collective which I highly recommend. You can see them here:

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