Just Past Paradise

We packed up our things and headed to Paradise, New Zealand.

Like us, the road was lazy, taking its time to bend around emerald water and deserted stone lakefront. We took our time, stopping for each cloud-break and captivating peak. We held no itinerary and no initiate, just a few general ideas and a need to be alone. Thankfully, New Zealand is full of places to be alone.

We headed to the Routeburn Track, which is better associated with multi day trekking over rugged mountains, than for casual strolls. We walked until we where tired and turned around, taking more time examining the moss than our pace.

I have a tendency to take hiking, and sometimes camping for that matter, too seriously. It was refreshing for us to simply throw the lucky wolf blanket in the car and drive until we felt like walking, then walk until we felt like eating and eat until we felt like sleeping. No Gore-tex needed, and sometimes thats just fine.

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