North Coast Hippie Vibes

The North Coast of California is a special place. As earlier mentioned, it is known for sasquatch sightings, but there is also sweeping grasslands that drop off into rocky coasts, baby ducks, and backyard farms. There’s abandoned trains with secret hobo symbols, giant trees, and beaches covered in sea glass. There’s farming co-ops that supply food to elementary students, authentic hippies and friendly anarchists, tide pools, and people like Matt. He gets his food in a way that was normal about 100 years ago but seems radical now. His modest house is full of sun and aged wood. There’s pepper seeds drying on the wall next to a mural his friend painted when the kids had their water colors out. There are no packages in sight, his fridge is full of mason jars filled with raw ingredients for dinner. We start cooking with local, natural veggies- the scraps will get fed to the pigs which he slaughters with a friend. Everything gets used, down to the lard which we use to cook our salmon cakes- made with fish caught the day before. I’m sent to get herbs from the backyard and I ask how long they should be, he responds “Just get to know the plant a little and take what feels right.” After 3 hours of cooking and talking about food, politics, and nature we sit down to the most delicious and healthiest meal I’ve had all year. It’s a different place out there.

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