Thai Street Food

Ok. So I lied, I wasnt done posting things about Thailand. I couldn’t leave out the food. So here is the short explanation:It was amazing, clean and affordable. Minus one or two bad run ins, which would probably happen anywhere if we ate out three times a day, for a month straight. I just read that seeing picture of good looking food can make bad food taste better. Here is the picture stash that has gotten me through this last month. Every now and then, I wake up and feel like eating fried rice for breakfast. At that point, New Zealand cereal just cant cut it.

So where words fail, here are some pictures.

If you’re in the Portland area, the best comparison to these dishes  can be found at Thai Fresh in SE.  So for now, its off to Wellington, NZ for some skateboarding but we will return to NZ adventures including; more surfing, skateboarding and general freezing.

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