Fruit Review- Rambutan

“Rambutan! Rambutan! Rambutan!” Julia marched around our small trailer chanting this. Your rarely see a 7 year old get this excited for a fruit so I knew it must be good. Her mom, Amy, had picked up a bag of golf ball sized fruits at the Asian market. At first glance they looked like something Jabba The Hut would have swimming in his snack bowl.Image

Golden yellow sections, almost like a giant raspberry, sprouted dark red hairs. It wasn’t squishy though. The shell was actually pretty hard. For it’s bizarre exterior, it had little smell but lots of flavor. The first step to eating one is finding a crease that went vertically across half the fruit. You dig in here and pull apart. It makes a suction cup noise when it finally splits, you’ll probably get juice on your fingers.Image

The fruit inside is ivory and reminded me of canned pears. The taste was similar too. My team mates described as a pear/grape flavor which is pretty accurate. It was sweet but not too much. The texture was like a gummy bear and it was slightly pulpy. The meat stuck to the core a little bit and I liked chewing it off.Image

After my last dragonfruit, I was afraid the crazy looking rambutan might not taste as cool as it looked. But it was really good, I ended up almost eating the whole bag. I made sure to save a few for Julia though.Image

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