The Lady and the Cliff

“Good!” or “Aloi!” in Thai, Euart looks relieved his smile returned as he leapt into the air. “Not Sharks!” was the call from the boys on the boat, the creatures where deemed “Too slow.” I didn’t want to argue with sea dudes, but I didn’t have full trust in their conclusion. Not wanting to over think things (mostly the jumping and the shark-ing), I follow Euart down below into the great deep green sea. With all the grace of a sea bird, streaking into the water after hapless prey, I somehow manage to smack my crotch squarely on the waters surface. There are some things even more feared than sharks and cliffs. When I reach the boat I tell the boys, who translate it to thai, collectively pointing at their groins and laughing.

Twenty minutes later Linzay is perched on the same bonzi , even from my distance I can see her wide eyes, contemplating the depth below.  I am already proud of her ability to overcome the sharp rocks and fear of heights. It is no short process, to look deep into what scares you, and decide to jump anyway. From our first climb, earlier in the morning, the amount of Russian tourists in the lagoon has tripled. A small crowed is starting to form, watching her alone on the limestone. “Jump!” they yell in a blend of russian and english. Later, she said the support helped her make her long decision. When she finally took her jump, A great cheer arose from the lagoon masses. People clapped. Children smiled.

We continued to climb and explore until our hands bled through the tape, and exhaustion sapped our vacationed bones.

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