Kiwiano Fruit Review

“It looks like a puffer fish.” Lucy’s eyes are wide as she looks at the crazy fruit.

I agree with her. The Pufferfruit in question is, in fact, a Kiwiano or Spike Melon. It doesnt really look like a Kiwi, mostly because it is orange and sharp, making it a surprising contrast to the furry little kiwi fruit. I suspect that this fruit is native only to New Zealand. Overall, its appearance looks like something that could only evolve in such a remote place. In the grocery store, it stood out amongst the plainer fruit, like a punk rocker in Pakistan.

We cut the little monster open and find a jelly like center with cucumber looking seeds. The insides are a colidiscope of green and orange symmetry. It smells rather plain. Carefully we try to cut the pods of jelly away from the inners, but only succeed in spilling it everywhere. So,we unofficially decide to rip into the open side. The whole thing looks rather barbaric. Amongst our slurping and slushing, we get poked by the sharp horns, which only succeeds in slowing the whole process down. The horns serve as the fruits last stand against our aggression.

I really dont understand what the fruit is protecting, the taste is most like a cucumber, which humbly ambles it self along the ground. Clothed in its plain green, the cucumber taste slightly less sweet but is probably just as filling.

We finish mopping up the last bits and look at each other. “ It doesn’t taste like much. A little bit like a tart cucumber.” I get out my red pen and mark my list labeled “Acceptable Produce for Me to Grow in the Future.”

Kiwiano gets a red line through its center.

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