Sali & King Kong

Sali has the most amazing smile, despite not having very many teeth. As a result, the side teeth end up holding things down, while the middle lacks proper representation. However, whatever hes missing he makes up for with his eyes, which contain a charismatic sparkle reserved for beloved grandparents.

“I am Sali,” he says pointing to his hawaii-ish t-shirt “This is mr. King, who we call King Kong.” He gestures  behind the wheel, to the teenage looking guy with chrome Elvis glasses. Its early but all 7 passengers laugh. He’s a pro. Because Sali is armed with a microphone, I fear that we may end up with an enexpected 3 hour tour from Singapore to Mersing, Malaysia, which would inevitably make me hate this gental and kind man. Sali spares us the minutia, hes too cool for that.

The last thing he said before we collectively drifted off to sleep was “Please hold on as we are not taking the highway, but a side road. It may be bumpy.”

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