Coffee Is Universal

The caffeine is making me do crazy things, like pick at the fissures in the crafted wooden bar counter and assign people silly names. In front of me is the fresh faced, the stupendous, the one the only- Melvin the Magician. The schlocky title is based purely on what this kid can do with coffee.

His talents make him a sort of black brew David Copperfield, each show more stunning than the previous. With deft motions he filters, grinds and preps the various ingredients. Odd tools adorn his workshop; bunsen burners, graduated beakers and coffee socks.

To me, coffe exists in a simple form, black and strong and in a Stumptown mug. This was something different. Air Brew, sock brew, 12 hour double cold press, vacuum brew and a traditional brew. All fairtrade and roasted in-house.

Somehow he finds a second to sip a shot passed to him.”Yo bro, bro! You need a finer cut! Its too bitter!” He yells at the guys behind the ginders. They nod in agreement.

Suddenly, his smile drops and his hands freeze. He brushes the hair from over his ear.

We didnt hear it at first but listened when we saw the reactions, the other guys stopping mid grind. Something was on the radio, something important. An overly calm and overly friendly voice was making an announcement for the second time. “Ticket, Lunchbox, Brovo. You have been selected. Report immediately to your stations. Ticket, Lunchbox, Brovo.” As quickly as it came, it left and the pop song started again from the middle.

“Shit guys,” he said with his shoulders shrinking “I gotta go.”

Bendon, Linzay and I look at each other with the same confusion. “Its time for the military service. All the boys from the other shop have been called, so I gotta go steam 200 milks for the next couple hours.”

The 5 cups of coffee and demonstration are technically free, so we thank him and leave a tip. After the buzz kill announcement, the shop cleared out. We shake our way to the door.

I wonder what it would be like to have your battle group be called “lunchbox.”

Visit for more info on their scene.

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