Analogue Asia

Analogue is dead. The physical act of moving parts has been assimilated into magic. I, for one, actually miss all those moving parts. The ability to drink a ton of coffee, open up a cassette tape deck, mess with some screws and have a chance of making it play music again (but probably not).

How does an ipod work? Freaking magic.

Photos are now 2 second instagrams, tumblers or conversation starters a timeline.

If it breaks, you buy a new one. It isnt even worth the cost of fixing anything old. The whole process ending a fresh set of shiny plastic.Rainy days at the mall instead of a rainy day in the basement with a screwdriver.

Much like our experiment in trying to furnish our house for free (see “life as found by the roadside”), Im trying a new experiment. For the next month, while we travel Asia, I will not have anything that plugs in. Total Analoge, even my camera. Dont worry Linz will still have a digital.

In no way do I see this as a revolutionary, or even unique idea. I just want to see what it is like. What it is like to not have everything instant, to have to wait for my pictures and my music. More than that, I need to conquer my irrational fears of snoring people on buses, getting expensive things stolen, or broken, running out of batterires and of pay-phones. To simplify, in ways that are largely becoming  more impossible.

I plan to show whatever results from this experiment on May 5th, somewhere in Portland and I would like you to attend. More info to come.


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