Dragon Fruit (a review)

“Guess what I got for dessert!?” Im not very good at hiding my excitement.

“Is it that weird looking pink fruit from the alleyway stand?” Linz managed to say it with no affect. Damn. She knows me too well.

“Yeah, ok. Lucky guess.” Mindreader.

The last few years, my fruit vocabulary has expanded beyond the perimeter isles at Albertsons. Its even superseded the seasonal ethinic stands at Food4Less, which Eddie and I have long regarded as the outer-space of fruit exploration.

Custard Apples, fresh Lychees and Logan Berries, fruit here includes flavors only found at bubble tea restaurants on 82nd.  I had passed this Dragon Fruit one too many times and it was far time we got acquainted.

I’ll admit it, my expectations where somewhere in the stratosphere. How could they not be? Its named Dragon Fruit. Look at it. It looks like it should be moving or living in an ocean reef. For a while, I just looked at it. Then I sobered up, grabbed the biggest knife I have and ripped into it, finding this:

Surprise! I was expecting the smell to be sweet and bathed in awesome. Instead, it smelled like nothing and looked like jelly poppy seeds. The color was probably the best part. These colors dont belong in nature. If I didnt know better, I would think it was poisonous.

We grabbed our spoons and dug in to the Cantaloupe (Rock Melon if your Aussie)  textured stuff.

“It tastes like foam and poppy seeds.” Linz said plainly.

I wish I could have disagreed with her but she pretty much hit it dead on. Foam and poppy seeds. I thought I caught a hint of sweetness somewhere near the bottom, but it was probably just my pre expectations. Crash and burn, the expectations spun through the atmosphere in a flaming heap of wreckage.

It was probably just a dud.

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