B&S FUNdraiser-Pop Up Art show-MAY5

Hey friends, I need your help finding a venue/house/alleyway in Portland for an May 5th “Pop Up Artshow”. Unlike a typical “opening night” this will only be for one night and will probably include: friends, snobby beer, cheap beer, music and feature some 120 format photos I took on my travels, as well as (maybe) some Analogue Art. Contact me at seabarnhart@gmail.com with any ideas or if you want to participate.

I am extremely strapped for time but want to make an event that will get some people out. I am also working on updating this site, which takes some money, so I am happy to sell some pieces. All of the money collected will go to cover our site costs, updating the site, removing stupid ads and covering the cost of film.

Below is a gallery of an experimental roll I recently shot. In addition will be some shots from Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.

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