Brick Paint

Whenever Im in Sydney I try to visit the White Rabbit Gallery.  By the time I exit through its doors I find myself shocked, inspired and somewhat changed. Ive made six trips, but only have a 50% successful viewing rate. The rest of the time, Linz and I stand outside looking sad at the Gallery Closed sign. We are building pretty good Sad Outside White Rabbit photo gallery.

One of the best things about street art is it is always open. So we trekked through the back alleyways , sketchy parts of Sydney and past Cafes in search of what the streets offered.

Lately, I have been enjoying the pieces done by artist “FUKT”. His/Her style is the best of stencil art; simple, political and on a grand scale. Stencils can often be be too overt politically, if not brow beating, but I like how subtle or obscure these pieces tend to be.We where lucky enough to find a couple “FUKT” throw ups around the Glebe area.

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