Music Monday or Tuesday 2

Australia- First world country with third world internet. Its been down all week, making me rethink my addiction of choice. Admittedly, its been a good reason to go outside, if only just to spite the wet weather.

Next week features the man band Graveyard Train, but this is about Bears. I mean the blogs got it in the title so dont be surprised. Plus, Im forced to crank this post out at work, so Im going to have to make it quick.

First up, Boy and Bear. I dont know if this band is doing anything in America. For all I know this song could be totally blown out, but I like it anyway. So here it is.

Lastly, is UK goof ball House-Electro-whatever POMMYs like is called band- 2 Bears. I love how 90’s the video clip is. Exactly, why I want to start filming snowboarding in VHS again.

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