Music Monday or (Tuesday)!

Music from the Shadows

Traveling and music are impossibly tangled together. Music can make you want to travel or travel can make you want to listen to music. It was a classically rainy Portland day, when I noticed this weird symbiosis, while listening to 60’s Thai Surf Rock at Music Millennium. I didnt even know that Thailand had Surf Music. Next month, I find myself heading to SE Asia, and all I can think of is tracking down this mythical brand of surf rock. Travel inspiration striking through an unlikely record, too much coffee and a rainy day.

During college Eddie ran a radio program called “On the Road- Music from around US and The World”. Tuesday morning at work (Monday in the States), we would collectively tune into the show from Australia. It became a staff tradition; like a less corny Hawaiian shirt day.

From those experiences comes Music Monday, a cut and paste experiment of music from the road. Music I cant help but share.

Planning for a Thailand trip has me again thinking of Thai “Shadow Music”, which is probably the best Genre category ever. Below is a link to the actual record I found that day at M.M., all those years ago. When I listen to it, I want to make movies about surfing and sunshine. Enjoy.

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