Yeti Shred

November 30th, 1959:  The interest in an unidentified creature stalking the highlands of Nepal had reached a turning point and the US foreign service was to get involved. It started with the Himalayan people who believed in a “glacier being”- a wild man who lived in the mountains and blessed their hunts.  At the turn of the century explorer Laurence Waddell caught a glimpse in a snowstorm of a hairy creature running in fear. In his reports he concluded it was an orangutan. There was renewed interest as humans attempting to conquer Mt. Everest reported finding footprints in the snow. Oil baron Tom Slick poured his fortune into several expeditions. His team found more footprints, hair, and scat that had unidentified micro organisms. These stories are authentic as is this recently declassified memo from the US embassy in New Delhi.

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